An immersive and self-guided auto tour of the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg. Not just a history lesson, the Experience Gettysburg Guidebook and app includes videos, stunning photos, and GPS-triggered audio that recreate the most important battle fought on American soil, the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Experience Gettysburg Tour Guide Package

  • Travel through the National Park’s Auto Tour route in the comfort of your own car at your own pace. Get everything you need to learn about the battle and its significance in the Civil war including action videos, GPS triggered audio tracks, pictures, and interactive maps. 

    Explore the three days of July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of 1863 Gettysburg that shaped our nation and hear about the 
    - Leaders and soldiers in the Battle, 
    -monuments and markers that honor them, 
    -artillery and weapons used, 
    -facts and figures a

    The app is flexible and easy to use, this is a fun family experience to engage all ages. 

    The audio tour is an accompanying guide to the (Gettysburg Book Store Book). If you have purchased the book, just follow the instructions in the book to sign in and access the audio guide.

    If you have not purchased the book, you can still purchase the audio guide as an in-app-purchase through the main menu of the app. 

    App Instructions:
    If you would like to enjoy the GPS triggered audio feature, Make sure to press 'Allow' 
    when the app asks to track your location so that the GPS triggered audio feature will work. 

    When you are finished taking the tour, you may turn OFF the GPS triggers by choosing 'Settings' and turn OFF 'GPS Auto Play' and 'Kiosk Mode.'

    Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.